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We are recruiting

For a lead youth worker, and also support youth workers

Please see our job vacancies page for further details

Welcome to Fusion Online

Fusion Family and Youth Projects works with young people in Huntingdon aged 8-17, and up to 25 with additional needs. The young people we work with are some of the most vulnerable in society. Many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have experienced difficulty in their lives. 

Fusion aims to encourage young people to make positive choices, educate young people to form safe relationships, and reduce anti-social behaviour. We provide them with a safe space to express themselves, feel supported, and develop their skills.

Fusion runs weekly youth groups, bespoke school groups, one to ones, a homework club, family day trips, and holiday activity projects.

Fusion believes that with help, encouragement, and support every young person has the potential to lead a fulfilling productive life, whatever their circumstances.

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